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Tomorrow When the War Began  - John Marsden 8/10Tomorrow when the war began was fantastic! It asks a lot of questions like: What would you do? Would you be able to handle a situation like that? Are we as safe as we think we are?“We believed we were safe. That was the big fantasy.”The characters are so diverse and it is fascinating to see how each one deals with the situation. I think Homer and Fi are my favorite characters – I might have been influenced by the movie here though.The setting was described very well and you could live yourself into the story quite easily. There is also a lot of action and even a little romance but the story feels realistic throughout it all.I feel this book can teach everyone a thing or two. Survival techniques and most importantly to think ahead and make plans for anything that might happen.It was a very quick and easy read and I will most definitely read the second one!The Movie:I loved both the movie and the book. I think the movie had a bit to add with the visualization aspect of the story. But both were fantastic!