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Deadly Little Secret - Laurie Faria Stolarz Rating 8/10Just as a new love walks into Camelia’s life, things go wrong. There is sudden confusion and suspicion about everyone around her. Someone is stalking her and life at home could definitely improve.This was a fast paced, thrilling tale. There was Mystery, intrigue and even some Romance! What more could you want?The story keeps you on your toes. Who is stalking Camelia? Ben or Spencer? Kimmie or Wes? Or someone we don’t know?All these questions will keep floating in your head and you will find yourself jumping from one conclusion to the next!Kimmie and Wes are Camelia’s best friends. They are quirky and fun and they make great supporting characters! I always enjoy a book with memorable supporting characters.The ending fell a bit flat and I felt that it moved a bit too fast, like it was crammed in. But that is my only complaint.It was a unique story that will keep you guessing and I will most certainly read the next novel in this series!