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Romeo And Juliet (Bbc Radio Shakespeare) - William Shakespeare It’s about time that I read Romeo and Juliet. We did Macbeth in school, and I wish now that we rather did Romeo and Juliet. I quite enjoyed the tale more than I thought I would. It was something nice to listen to while unpacking boxes (recently moved).Sure Romeo and Juliet are a bit dramatic with their love. But it was written as a drama so I can’t really complain as I knew what I was getting myself into. How do I discuss plot lines and character development about something written in 1597 and that was meant as a play? I can’t.Romeo and Juliet do however bring interesting questions to mind. Would you have done the same? Could their death have been avoided?Romeo and Juliet is a sweet and heartbreaking tale that is just as exciting as it is sad. Read it or listen to it when you have some time if you haven’t already.