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Fourth Degree Freedom - Libby Heily Rating 9/10Absolutely fantastic! That's how I describe these short stories. Libby Heily is an astounding writer that takes you into these weird and wonderful worlds of her short story characters. These stories are thrilling and some so bizarre that I was enthralled from the get go.Fourth Degree Freedom - was my favorite short story of the lot and I must say I would be clamoring to get a copy if this short story ever became a novel!The Event - was so interesting and you can't help think, what if the world was really like that? Could you do what the main character did?She Floats - wow this was a stunning story! I want to know more! How did she get there? Where was she?Libby Heily's dystopia worlds are so unique and you can't help wanting more! An Author to watch and a definite re-read for me. The characters felt real, the stories will make you wonder and gasp; and all of this in a small amount of words. I can't praise it more!Do yourself a favor go out and get these short stories! $0.99 on Smashwords.