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New Girl - Paige Harbison Rating 8/10This was definitely one of those novel’s that grabbed me and pulled me straight in. The characters are infuriating, the premises very intriguing and the mystery tantalizing!I have always thought that if a book makes you feels something, whether its hate or love, if it has any emotional effect then the author has done his/her job! The whole school is just so crazy and out of touch with reality that you just want to get in there and slap a few people around. Actually when my boyfriend asked me how my book was going I replied: “The people in this school are crazy and I don’t know how the main characters doesn’t lose it and slap them all!The one thing I didn’t like so much was the love interests. Becca/Max/Johnny sure was interesting but Max/(main character who’s name will remain a mystery till the end) was a bit dull and felt a bit forced to me, but that was my only real complaint.The mystery is very strong and interesting and you will be clambering to know what really happened to Becca by the end! Riveting and a must read if you like a good mystery and don’t mind mean characters!