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Switched (Trylle Trilogy, #1) - Amanda Hocking Rating 7/10From the beginning of this novel I was hooked! It starts out with a bang that carries right through. The storyline was unique as well as the paranormal element.Wendy gets thrown into this very interesting world of “Trylle” with their fascinating mythology and ways of life. Wendy is temperamental, entertaining, unpredictable and real. With a whole host of diverse and remarkable characters to complete this fascinating world.The novel reads very quickly and you can easily read it in one sitting, forgetting about the world around you. The writing flows and the story encompass everything you need in a YA novel – fun, excitement, romance, intrigue and action.I can't point at anything I disliked about this novel, I just wanted something more.But I can't wait to read the sequel to see where Ms. Hocking takes us!