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Egypt: The Uprising (The Battle for Maat, #1) - Amira Aly Rating: 4/10This novella started out with the uprising in Egypt like we saw in the beginning of the year. I thought this was very interesting, as the Author took these events and gave them mythological meaning. The Egyptian mythology used in this novella was very intriguing and I can see that the author did extensive research. Having done my degree in Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Culture (Egypt) a lot of the topics discussed were fascinating.Here and there I found I disagreed with an interpretation of a myth, but nothing too serious. But by saying this I have to mention that sometimes the “fantasy” of this novella went too far. At quite a lot of times I thought the novella was jumping the metaphorical shark. Some things were just too out there and I couldn’t wrap my head around these things actually happening.One other complaint I had was that it felt like the Author recently received a thesaurus and was using it on every single word that was too mundane (I can do it too). Sure there was lots of science and intricate mythology involved, but it was too high brow (once again).Also the novel was too short and felt rushed. So much information is thrown at the reader, and I’m sure that someone that doesn’t know about Egypt and its culture would feel lost.At some point the main character goes under the Sphinx into a “chamber” of sorts. I think this was fascinating! But I fear here is where the novella went off track.The character clearly likes a young man she meets under the Sphinx, but she doesn’t understand why he doesn’t like her, when she is mean, bossy and thinks she is better than him. I thought she hated him, until it suddenly became clear that she liked him, it was all very confusing.I think Amira Aly has talent and clearly has a great vocabulary and I wish her all the best in her future endeavors.