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The Forest of Hands and Teeth  - Carrie Ryan Rating 6/10I have wanted to read this novel for quite a while, and I am glad that I finally did! I enjoy most zombie novels, and this was no exception.The village Mary lives in is so intriguing and full of mysteries that you can't help being dragged into the story. What I liked most were the nuns that "run" the village. It draws an interesting line between religion and blind faith and I think this and remaining mystery about how the rest of the world looks after the zombie "disease" is what will make me read the second one.The characters were a bit bland, but the story was interesting enough. There was also a lot left unanswered and I hope we get to find out the answers!So if you like YA novels with some zombies thrown in, then this is your book!For those who have read it (SPOILERS):I can't believe what happened to Travis and Jed!!! What now?