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Immortals - Rating 8/10Firstly let me tell you why I will definitely continue this series:Its not predictable, the Author takes you places you never thought it would go. Also you know when you say "please please let this happen in the book!" and it never does? Well here it does! For this seemingly simple reason I know that I will love every single book in this series.Roman is a new character that's introduced and he left me thrashing between "is he good?" "or not?" the whole time.Ever's school life gets more interesting as she becomes even more of a outcast, but you will have to read why. And may I just add, someone please slap Stacia!I was left with sooo many questions and I can't wait to read the next novel to find out all the answers! I have also learned this one lesson: Do not trust anyone...If you are looking for suspense and mystery with some young adult and paranormal romance thrown in, then this is your book! Get ready to want to strangle Ever a few times tho or maybe even scream at some of the characters.***********Spoilers:***********Oh how I loved it when Ever "went back". I really wanted it to happen and I'm so glad it did! It reminded me a bit of the butterfly effect!Ava? what happened? Did you really do what Roman said? I think there is more to this story!I must admit Romans speech in the end did take some of the fun out of the book. I just wanted him to say what his deal was and get it over with! But it was the classic "villain speech".Also did Riley really send the twins? What's their deal?I think Ever was incredibly stupid to trust Roman in the end, and she deserves the whole "you can't touch each other" thing!