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Matched - Ally Condie 6/10I think I went into this book expecting a little too much. At first it was going fine, then I found myself bored. The last 60 pages or so was really exciting though so it sort of made up for it.I love the world Ally Condie created. The society, the officials, the rules.. its fascinating. The romance felt a bit forced at times for me. Like the only plot... I want to know more about the society, the background of it!But as I said the ending made up for the boring bits in the beginning and middle.**Now for those who have read it:**I really liked Xander and felt really bad for him. But love triangles always leaves me a bit bitter. Do you think she should have stayed with Xander? Or maybe taken him with somehow?The red pill scenario was really great, I love how everyone follows blindly but at the same times is happy with their lives.