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Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Rating 8/10Another brilliant novel by Lauren Oliver! Her written is flowing, magical and so effortless. I loved the little bits on the Chapter pages, and found myself looking forward to the next rhyme or extract from the book of Shhh.I loved the concept of taking love out of a society and seeing what is left. The world that was created, was interesting, dark, safe and creepy. I loved the characters, they all had such strong personalities and depth. Lena was once again the "I'm not really pretty" girl, but I looked past that.The book might have dragged a bit for my taste, but hey I still enjoyed it!If you haven't read Before I Fall yet, and you enjoyed this book, I suggest you do so, it is truly a great novel.I will most definitely read the next two books in the series, and I'm sure Ms Oliver will wow me once again.