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Logic of Demons: The Quest for Nadine's Soul - H.A. Goodman Rating: 8/10Logic of Demons is refreshing in the fact that this novel is new and different. It has such a unique storyline and such a great message, that is should not be missed.This novel takes you on a profound journey, with surprising twists. Some I saw coming, but wow the ones I did not made this a even better story. I enjoy books that take me by surprise and I appreciate it when I can pick up a book that exposes me to a entirely new and riveting tale.So many issues are addressed, good vs evil, right vs wrong, Satan, fundamentalists and choices.It delves into human emotions and a question I'm sure most of us have... What would you do if someone took everything away from you and you had a chance to face them?******Spoilers*****I knew Natalia might be Bridget but did not expect Jamshidt to be the son.Also the fact that it was characters she created, was a wow. You see throughout the book how she makes up stories and characters, and its just amazing how she created them to help herself.