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Last Sacrifice - Richelle Mead Rating: 7/10Once again a great read from Richelle Mead! Rose is in real trouble when this starts and only a crazy plan put together by her friends and family could save her.A lot of loose ends are dealt with in this book, but also a lot of things were left open at the end.As you will see in the spoiler section there was one thing I really really did not like and that is why this book can't get 5 stars from me, but 4. Rose lived up to her reputation but she also disappointed me.The story however is as gripping as always!****Spoilers****What really got to me was the fact that Rose hurt Adrian so much. I did not like it all. He deserved better and he should have had a happy ending too.Don't get me wrong I want her to be with Dimitri, but she could have handled it better.I do love the fact that Lissa became queen! Most of it was wrapped up in a nice little package at the end, but it left me wanting more. I don't feel like the story is done, but we will see what the rumoured "spin-off" series will entail. Sydney will be in it, so hopefully we will find out more about what happened to her. I wonder if it will be about the Alchemists?Adrian better get a happy ending! That will make this book ok then.I will definitely read the new series!