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Hex Hall - Rachel Hawkins My Rating:7/10My Take: This was a fun, light and funny read! I enjoyed it immensely :)It was just the right mix of humour action and mystery! And not to mention paranormal characters!I'm a sucker for books involving magic and this was no exception. I wait anxiously for the next instalment and I have a feeling this will be a reread regular for me!*SPOILERS* Sophie's love interest turns out to be a bad guy! I took me by surprise which is nice :DAnd then we find out she is a demon and not a witch and that she can snap at any moment and someone might get hurt!!I wonder if she will go through with the removal?Will they find Archer?Maybe he is doing it to save his family?Is he really all that bad?Will we see more of Elodie the ghost?When are we meeting Sophie's dad?Favourite Quote:"Good luck explaining to God that you used to spank one of his heavenly beings."Mom gave a startled laugh. "Sophie!""What? You did. I hope you like hot weather, Mom, that's all I'm saying.""So if you can heal with your touch, why are you working here as like, Hagrid, or whatever?" Link to the Author:Twitter: http://twitter.com/ladyhawkinsFacebook: http://www.facebook.com/rmhawkins?ref=profileWebsite: http://www.rachel-hawkins.com/Blog: http://readingwritingrachel.blogspot.com/