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Sugar Cookie Murder - Joanne Fluke My Rating:7/10My Take: I adored this book! I probably read all the Nancy Drew Books as a child, and this reminded me that I love a good mystery!The book was fun, light and cosy and it provided sufficient guess work, laughs and surprises! I will definitely get the other books in the series :)The last 100 pages or so of the book is filled with recipes that are talked about in the book! They are very well done with little comments. Love it!Recommended for those who like a good cosy mystery that you can read while relaxing with a glass of wine!*Spoilers*None today :)My Questions:I haven't read the other books in the series, can someone tell me what is so great about Mike? He sounded like a real ass to me lolFavourite Quote:P.S. If it's not a secret, will you tell me how you got my dollhouse inside our living room last Christmas? I know its too big to fit down the chimney. I measured. Link to the Author: http://www.murdershebaked.com/