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Breakfast in Bed (Loveswept, #22) - Sandra Brown My Rating:4/10My Take: *Not really Spoilers*You have to know I didn't hate this book. I think it was very well written and more often than not the steamy scenes steamed up my glasses!First off this is not a love at first sight novel.Its a lust at first sight novel. I don't believe that in the first few minutes of meeting each other (where Carter notices her breasts) and she gets aroused that this is love. Not even a few days later...But I can look past all of this. I expect nothing more from a romance.You also have to know that when it comes to cheating, I don't think anything can justify it!But nonetheless here I go:The two sides of Carter MadisonOn the one hand he is a charming writer who seems to have got himself into a situation where he is going to marry his decease friend's widow and be a father to her children, even though he doesn't love her. And you feel for himOn the other he uses it to get Sloan to sleep with him; he wants her to feel sorry for him. When she doesn't want to sleep with him (because his fiancé is her friend) he becomes abusive. But he soon apologises. She falls for it. Then he tries a different angle, he lets her read his manuscript (because nobody reads it before it's done). She feels flattered.Oh an let's not forget when he says that after the wedding when he sleeps with Alicia he will have to imagine that it's Sloan, because how else will he handle it! oh how...I ask myself am I sceptical? I wonder if everyone saw it the way I did?If I was Sloan, red lights would go off when Carter says: "you hot little hussy" or "All right Sloan, go back to your safe, lonely world and wallow in your selflessness."Yes this man knows exactly what to say to make a woman all warm and fuzzy...I'll give Sandra Brown this; she does know how to write a steamy scene. This and the justified ending at least made it bearable...*Spoilers*In the end, their behaviour is justified when Alicia (the fiancé) also cheats on Carter. They confess that they don't want to be together and Carter races off to the love of his life. (Yes here he sits in a dark corner when she comes in the room and watches her undress... not a perv at all).And a happy ending...Cheeezyyyy. But hey I expected that :)My Questions:Will Sloan one day figure out that this guy is a sex maniac that likes abusing woman and make them feel small so he can get them into the sack?/rant over