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Flashforward (Trade Paperback) - Robert J. Sawyer My Rating:8/10My Take: I truly loved this book! It was absolutely fascinating!! The way Sawyer describes the future, and what happens because of those visions are genius!The book is different from the series. So don't be alarmed if you read it. There are only two characters that are in the series as well. Theo and Lloyd.I didn't think I would enjoy hearing about scientific explanations or about all types of other scientific theories the scientists come up with to explain what happened. But I did, and I think Sawyer has a way of pulling one in and making you understand.Each day he describes what other people saw and forms a world view of the future which is meticulously thought out and just so vividly explained!*Spoilers + My Questions*What an ending!! What did Lloyd choose? Will it be a happy ending for Theo?Favourite Quote:"As laser-bright moments; diamond-hard memories; crisp and clear. A future lived, a future savored, a future of moments so sharp and pointed that they would sometimes cut and sometimes glint so brightly it would hurt to contemplate them, but sometimes, too, would be joyous, an absolute, pure, unalloyed joy, the kind of joy he hadn't felt much if at all lo these twenty-one years."