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Druid Lords (Caledonia Fae, #4) - India Drummond Munro, Eilidh and the other druids are at it again. In this volume they have to deal with a murder, new druids, unrequited love and their new position in society as they come to grips with how strong their magic really is. Eilidh’s relationship with both Munro and Griogair has always been the only love triangle I will ever understand. But this time two new elements get added to the mix, making their lives a little more complicated. And to top this all off, Eilidh has more responsibility that ever and has to deal with crazy queens from the other kingdoms.This Urban Fantasy series changed the way I see Fae and gives new meaning to the word Druid. I don’t think I could ever find another series that makes Fae feel so real but at the same time so magical, without the whole they have pretty wings thing! And then combining it with mystery, intrigue, romance and deception? How could I not love it?I love all the characters in this series. They are all so complicated and yet the story flows seamlessly. And in each novel you get to see a bit more of each character as the POV changes often. I can’t wait for the next in the series to see what these Druids can do and how Eilidh’s relationship with both Munro and Griogair develops.Snippet from Book 1 Review:When Ms Drummond contacted me about her new novel Blood Faerie, I had no idea what an astonishing world awaited me! Faeries, crime, mystery, romance, suspense, fantasy all rolled into one to make an outstanding novel.Snippet from Book 2 Review:While creating a world of mystery and romance with epic fantastical proportions Ms. Drummond does not loose sight of her characters. She has a way of giving uniqueness to each character and making their decisions and actions seem natural.Snippet from Book 3 Review:The world of the Fae and Druids has never been this good! Eilidh and Munro had me enthralled from the beginning and they would not let go!