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Steel Wind Rising - Scott Meintjes What a thrilling debut novel by Scott Meintjes, a South African author!A woman wakes up not knowing who she is, where she is or how she got there. She wears an engagement band with the name Cybil inscribed in it. Does this mean she has someone waiting for her at home, wherever home is? She is rescued by a band of criminal misfits who take her in and try and help her navigate the desolate and dangerous Outlands. Isaac and his friends are smugglers of a different kind and they have their own dangerous mission. Will Cybil stay with them or take her own journey to discover who she is?There is another storyline that for some reason intrigued me more than the main plot, and I wish there was more! This story is about Rob and Lucy and how they find something in each other that they never thought possible.I really enjoyed Cybil as a main character, she was strong and brave and at times kick-ass. Andrew was probably my favorite character though – I found him funny and very intriguing (you will have to read why)! Then there is the band of misfits, all so different, unique and totally bad ass, especially when they fight the dangerous creatures that reside in the Outlands. The group dynamic between these men is very interesting, especially when you throw in a young headstrong woman into the mix.The futuristic world is very well constructed and I had no problem believing the setting or the cool futuristic gadgets and machinery. The way the world was divided into these city states, with the “undesirables” outside, also made sense and I can imagine such a scenario happening.The plot was really great and surprising, with a good pace that kept the story flowing. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next novel and I recommend this book to any dystopian sci-fi lover.