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Archeologists of Shadows Volume #1 - Lara Fuentes,  Patricio Clarey Original review here: http://sugarandsnark.co.za/?p=8097Archeologists of Shadows was one hell of a thrill ride! In a world where everything and everyone becomes mechanized (as it is the will of the gods), there is a resistance building! And if you are not machine enough you go to Prison. So Alix and Baltimo have to make a choice, resist or become even more mechanized to a point where there is no return.I cannot get over how amazing the artwork was, I mean truly once in a lifetime gorgeous! And the last 50 pages or so is all artwork, sketches and other interesting material that are one of a kind. So if you like a post-apocalyptic, sci-fi, steampunkish world, I say give this a shot!Illustrations: 5++ starsStory: 4.5 starsOverall: 5 stars