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Fashion Forward: The Comic  (Issue #1) - Shawnee Gibbs,  Shawnelle Gibbs,  Linda Chung This was my first comic in years, and I enjoyed Fashion Forward as if it was my first. The dialogue was witty and kept those pages turning, and the illustrations were a perfect fit. It is as if one person was responsible for the writing and the drawing, one mind, which in my opinion was what made it so much fun!The illustrations were in black and white, which I actually liked. It didn’t overshadow the story and gave all the right emotions while being unexpectedly funny at times.I loved how the fashion world was depicted. Quirky and silly, but yet fun at the same time. I found myself wanting to see what new fashion Ivan Fellipe and other designers came up with.Samantha is a character we can all identify with. Stuck in a job where she is unappreciated and undervalued, but she does the best she can. However things soon change and I’m sure what lies ahead, in the next volume, is a funky sci-fi adventure! I can’t wait to see where the cliffhanger leads!