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The Kennaway Woman - Daphne Olivier After the blight left Nora’s family devastated she had to make a choice to survive. So she gets on a ship to South Africa where she is to marry a settler upon arrival. On the ship you learn a lot about Nora and her two friends that are making the same journey and you can’t help but hope everything will turn out to be better for them. Nora meets Johan the day after the ship docks and they get married the day after. And even though you know it was necessary and it is what she chose, you can’t help feeling bad for her.From here on I would rather not get into too much details, cause I think everyone should read this novel and I don’t want to spoil anything! I was taken by complete surprise and this novel was absolutely genius!Nora and Johan have such a simple yet fascinating life. You learn about their farm, about the community and about the surrounding threat to them all. The historical aspect was so well written that I sometimes forgot I was in the 21st century. And I must note that Historical novels are sometimes not something I prefer to read as I find a lot of the history was made up or so far fetched that I just can’t look past it! But not in this novel.It was beautifully written and the story was so captivating that I cannot begin to tell you guys how much I loved this! I sometimes feel that authors try to make their story the best by throwing plot details at you and writing complicated characters that are so unique that the real heart of the story gets lost! But not here. And that is why I loved this novel and I am sure it will be a re-read in the future!