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Enemy of the Fae (Caledonia Fae, #3) - India Drummond The world of the Fae and Druids has never been this good! Eilidh and Munro had me enthralled from the beginning and they would not let go! With a looming threat to Eilidh, a mystery to solve and Munro learning what it means to be a Druid, the action never stopped and the twists and turns had me gasping for more!What I love about Eilidh and Munro is that they are so selfless. They don’t pretend to be something they are not. They take what they get and they deal with it together in a loving and logical manner! The rest of the Druids and Griogair were just as fascinating as ever and with a host of characters like these, how could you go wrong?!The setting India Drummond creates is fantastical and so well described that you can’t help but find yourself thinking of the world when you are not reading. I also found the pacing perfect for me, not once was I bored or confused by the events that were unfolding. Every sentence was gobbled up by me in an instant!I highly recommend this series and I can’t wait to read the next one, Druid Lords!