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Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1) - Josephine Angelini 6/10This was a creative story that incorporated Greek Mythology in a very interesting way, however for some reason it didn’t keep me reading until the late hours of the night.Helen is a strong character surrounded by a whole host of characters, from Jacob to Rosalie, oh wait is that Mike and Cassandra? I seem to be confused with Twilight for some reason. Probably because there are so many similarities. But other than this my only other problem was that I felt there was too much details and action crammed into the book. Sure this was in a way a good thing, but I felt like too much was happening all the time.What I did love is that Helen didn’t just fall swooning over Lucas, she actually starts off hating him! But you know what they say about hate and love being a close thing. Anyway if you have read the Twilight Saga you have the family down, now the mythology remains, which I think was fantastic!There is also some great super abilities (and not the normal seeing the future stuff) like flying! Which I found really made it for me. I would love to be able to fly, and reading about it was great.I will read the next book, but I really hope the story takes a different turn and surprises me!What I liked:* Love the flying!* Great MythologyWhat I didn’t like:*Lots and lots of Twilight similarities