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Pretty Crooked (Pretty Crooked, #1) - Elisa Ludwig Rating 7/10This was a fun and exciting novel. I could hardly put it down and I was drawn in from the first page.What I like is the fact that there is a whole range of diverse characters, Willa the carefree individual that just wants to fit in, Willa’s mother the artists, Tre the boy from the wrong side of the tracks, Aidan the bad boy that cares and a whole host of bitchy, friendly and snarky girls! So what else would you need?But I’m not only gushing about the characters, the writing was smooth and a pleasure to read. It was funny and quirky and not to mention the fun twist on the Robin Hood tale. There are also tons of laugh out load moments. Willa is hilarious and witty!Sure this novel has some really questionable morals. Willa was trying to help, but did she really succeed? Couldn’t she just have stood up for them? Made friends with them?– That was my only concern/gripe with this novel. I don’t think anyone reading this book will get the wrong message and go out and steal for the better good, but you never know.Either way I can’t wait to find out what happens next! And I will definitely get a paperback copy of this for my collection!