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Everything We Ever Wanted - Sara Shepard Rating 9/10Incredible, this is the word I want to start my review with. Now let me tell you why.I have read two novels by Sara Shepard before, and I enjoyed both. But this novel was absolutely fantastic! The character dynamics and character development took me by surprise and it was really a delight to read.I found the story engaging, with twists and turns around every corner, some even making me gasp out loud! I have said before that I love it when a book surprises me and when I can't predict the outcome... I count this book as one of them.I found myself Identifying with each character and I think most people will. I also found it very interesting how these characters "assume" a lot of things and we can see how assumption and drawing conclusions can affect people’s lives. The same with bunching people in certain categories before even knowing them.I can't recommend this novel more and I hope that everyone that loves a good story reads it! I also hope there is a sequel!