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Spiral X (The Eternal War, #1) - J.J. Westendarp Rating 8/10Never has a book deserved the words "action packed" more! What a roller-coaster of events!What I enjoyed about this novel was the fact that it played in my head like a movie. The characters were believable, mythology understandable and there were twists and turns around every corner.The Author being male only helped this novel. He made fight scenes and car chasing scenes believable and understandable. How many times have I read a fight scene where you are not sure what is happening and just go through it to see the end result? Too many to mention. But not this one!Definitely a must read if you are tired of paranormal romance and love triangles of which this book has none. Thank the heavens!It has a kick-ass heroine that has lost some motivation along the way, which only makes her human. She makes mistakes which is always a welcome change from the "I am the perfect heroine" scenario. Each character has depth and they are all fascinating!I can't wait to find out what happens to Cheryl and I hope we get to see more of Rev.Keep an eye out for "Lauren and Lu's Review" on this novel.