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My Heart, His Soul - Loraine Lotter I had the pleasure of reading this Twilight-inspired debut novel by Loraine Lotter and I was pleasantly surprised to find myself intrigued by the main character Abi. She is not your run of the mill boring, no personality 17 year old girl that is normally portrayed in YA novels.Abi has a LOT of personality, she is feisty and enduring with just the right amount of attitude.There is also a very interesting triangle, and although we have all heard this love story before Loraine rekindles it with a fresh paranormal touch that I did not see coming!If you love Edward, Bella, and piggy-back rides through the forest, you can relive it all here!While it doesn't quite live up to the seductive charm of its predecessor, My Heart, His Soul is a strong effort from such a young writer and I'm looking forward to seeing what she can produce as she learns, grows and hones her craft.