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Review: The Eternity Cure

The Eternity Cure - Julie Kagawa

I knew Allison was one of my favorite heroines when I read The Immortal Rules, and The Eternity Cure just made sure she has a permanent place on that list! Allison is a vampire, stuck in a dystopia world where humans are holed up in vampire cities for protection. Sure the vampires only use them for food, but it is better than being outside the cities where nightmares come true. Things are out there… rabids aka zombies. Allison is on a quest to find out where her creator is and if he is alright, and at the same time try to find a cure for rabidism.

The reason Allison is one of my favorites is because she cares for those around her, but at the same time won’t hesitate to swing around her samurai sword and take out the bad guys! Then there is Jackal, Allison’s “brother”. I’m not sure if I like him or despise him, it is a fine line. And let’s not forget about Zeke, a sweet but tough human who has a very interesting story!

Although I love the blue cover above, I also like the other covers for this novel:

photo eternity_zps6fb82ab1.png

I’m glad Allison is finally shown as Asian!

The Eternity Cure did not disappoint and I will definitely read the third in the series when it comes out! I do have to add thought, that ending…

photo aec729f00ee310ad909e22a8d5e686db_zpsd4927555.gif